Cabinet made of melamine board or plywood sheets? Five advantages of solid wood laminate.

- Apr 12, 2019-


There are many kinds of sheets in cabinets, the most common ones are melamine board, plywood and laminate particle boards. Today, two of them compared. We analyze the plates themselves and their respective performances. whether it is good to use between melamine board and multi-layer board.


What Are Melamine Board And Its Advantages?


In the production process, the melamine board can  composed of several layers of paper. and the quantity  determined according to the purpose. Generally, there is only one layer of furniture sheet, but if higher wear resistance required. multi-layer paper required. For example, eco-flooring, which consists of surface paper, decorative paper, overlay paper, and base paper.


The advantages of the malemine boards are:

flat surface,

bright color,

wear-resistant surface,

corrosion resistance, waterproof, moisture-proof, good nail holding power and high cost performance. High grade, beautiful and practical. Durable.

melamine faced plywood sheet use in kitchen

What Are Laminated Board And Its Advantages?


The laminated board is a three-layer or multi-layered sheet-like material. which formed by cutting a wooden section into a single board or by cutting wood into a thin wood and then bonding with an adhesive. An odd number of veneers are usually used, and the fiber directions of the adjacent veneers glued to each other. The length and width specifications of the multi-layer board are the same as the length. and width specifications of the building formwork. which are :

1220×2440mm, and the thickness specifications are generally: 3, 5, 9, 12, 15, 18mm, etc. The main tree species are: hawthorn, willow, poplar, elm and so on. The multilayer board has good structural strength and good stability. It has the advantages of :

light material,

high strength,

good elasticity

and toughness, impact resistance and vibration, easy processing and finishing, and insulation. The plywood has a large amount of glue. and it must be edge-sealed during construction to reduce pollution.


Solid Wood Multilayer 5 Major Advantages Recommended:


1, Solid wood laminated board is good - stability


Because the board made up of many layers of veneers with glue and then high temperature and high pressure. It has the characteristics of small deformation, high strength. good internal quality, good flatness and strong stability. The wardrobe made of solid wood multi-layer board also has the characteristics of being not deformed. and the excellent performance of adjusting the indoor temperature and humidity.


2, Laminated board is good - environmental protection


The board made by high temperature in the production, so it has good stability and is not easy to deformed. In the production process, polymer glue used. After high temperature and high pressure, PVC sealed around the edge, which reduced. The formaldehyde content makes the formaldehyde emission of the board reach the environmental protection standard


3,Laminated board is good - moisture resistance


The board structure is very good. multi-layer pressing, in the wet weather. the solid wood floor is not prone to deformation and other defects. and has good moisture resistance and stability. For each more layer of solid wood multi-layer floor, its strength will enhanced, so its strength is also very good, of course, its cost will increase .


4, Laminated board is good - cost


The manufacture of solid wood boards is expensive production compared to other solid wood particle boards and the like. Because it requires one layer of pressing. and the internal structure of solid wood multi-layer boards is different. the requirements for machinery are different. so it is necessary to increase or change the production line. which is the inevitable cause of rising costs.




5, Laminated board is good - regional


Our country is wide in area, and the wet and dry conditions in different areas are different. Thus, according to the local dry and wet characteristics. the plates used for the wardrobe are also exquisite. Not all the plates can used. and the solid wood multi-layer boards will not have Such limitations used everywhere and loved by people.

plywood sheets veneer


I would like to let you know more about melamine board or plywood sheets. I hope this will help everyone,please feel free to click on discover our entire product.


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