Buying interior decoration sheet tips || What should we notice when purchasing a sheet?

- Apr 15, 2019-

Home decoration and furniture making, the selection of plates is very important. Because of the different materials used, the effects of the manufactured things will vary . When purchasing plates, because the plates involved are different, the specific shopping points cannot be generalized, so we will need different purchasing methods for the main plates to be used in the interior decoration process.

plywood sheet use in kitchen

1, Blockboard Buying Skills

When purchasing a blockboard, pay attention to whether its surface is flat, warped, deformed, foamed and sunken; whether the core bar is arranged, the gap is small, the core strip is decayed, broken, wormhole and Thrifty. There may be eggs in the decaying wood strips, which may cause insects in the future.

Some blockboards are cut corners during production: the gap between the solid wood strips is very large, so be sure to look at the sun or knock with the appliance when purchasing. If the gap of the solid wood strip is large, it will be white at that position. If the sound changes , it also indicates that there is a cavity inside the plate. The load-bearing capacity of the plate is very weak, and distortion and deformation will occur in long-term use.

If the scent of the wood is fragrant, it means that the amount of formaldehyde released is small; if the odor is very pungent, it means that the amount of formaldehyde released from the board is large.

We also need to observe the phenomenon of filling and filling putty around the board. This phenomenon is generally to compensate for internal cracks or voids. In other words, their quality is poor, and must be cautious when purchasing.

2, Plywood Selection Skills

Note the following when selecting plywood:

At the time of selection, it is necessary to ensure that the front wood grain of the plywood is clear, smooth, and has no stagnation.

Plywood should not be damaged,bruised, thrifty, etc.Some manufacturers will put two different textured veneers together to make plywood during production. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the sheet joints are tight and there is no unevenness.

In addition, attention should be paid to whether the plywood has no degumming or dispersing. When you buy, you can tap the various parts of the plywood by hand. If the sound is crisp, it means good quality; if the sound is boring, it means that the plywood has broken glue.

In order to be environmentally friendly, it is also necessary to check the amount of formaldehyde released.



3, Decorative Panel Class Buying Skills

When purchasing decorative panels, you should pay attention to the following issues:

Recognize the difference between artificial and natural wood veneer. The texture of artificial veneer is straight texture, and the texture pattern is very regular; while the texture of natural wood veneer is natural wood pattern, the natural variability of texture pattern is large and irregular.

When purchasing, pay attention to whether the appearance of the decorative panel has a good aesthetic feeling, the material is fine and uniform, the color is clear, the wood grain is beautiful, the texture of the matching board and the parquet can be arranged according to a certain regularity, the seam is parallel with the edge of the board or not .

When purchasing, pay attention to whether the surface of the decorative board is smooth. Whether there are burrs, groove marks and planing knife marks, and there is no phenomenon of penetration and surface contamination. Try to pick a board with no cracks, cracks, or skin on the surface.

check the glue of the board. The most intuitive method is to use a sharp flat blade to split along the glue layer. If the glue layer is broken and the wood is not damaged, the glue strength is poor, and vice versa. Now some unscrupulous merchants are doing the hands and feet on the surface layer of the board. The panels on the surface of the board are very thin, but in order to prevent the color of the board from being exposed.

They apply a layer of paint of the same color as the surface panel on the bottom board, and then stick it on the surface panel. The adhesiveness of the paint and the glue is poor, resulting in poor adhesion strength of the surface panel and easy drumming. Therefore, when the consumer chooses, the surface of the sheet can be scraped with a blade. If the paint can be scraped, the thickness of the panel is not up to standard.

Pay attention to detect the amount of formaldehyde released. The choice of MDF is to detect the formaldehyde emission of the plate. If the formaldehyde emission of the plate exceeds 30 mg/100 g, it is an unqualified product.


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