Advantages of Furniture Board

- Nov 19, 2018-

         What are the advantages of furniture board?

       1. Wooden furniture is beautiful. Previously, due to technical and technological problems, it was impossible to do veneer treatment, only solid wood can be used to splice furniture manufacturing, technology and technology can solve the problem of veneer veneer, can use different materials of wood bark arbitrarily assembled pictures, so that furniture countertops have more craft patchwork, it seems more beautiful, more characteristic, in addition, it is very difficult to extract the bark of tree tumors. Because the appearance of tree tumors is a special but beautiful kind of bark formed by the bending of tree texture caused by external reasons, this kind of material can only be partially decorated, but can not cover a large area. Therefore, relatively speaking, the products of combination of boards and timber are more aesthetic, ornamental and valuable.

          2. The board furniture is more practical and firm. Because of the characteristics of solid wood, the products of pure solid wood used to have large temperature difference. For a long time, for example, in the north, there is heating or floor heating for up to 6.7 months. The quality problems such as cracking, warping and deformation are easy to occur in the large area of the panel. If the products of combination of board and wood are used, this situation will be avoided. 3. Plank furniture is more environmentally friendly. A large number of trees are cut down worldwide to make furniture. It takes a certain amount of time for precious trees to become lumber. If all furniture is solid wood, the growth rate of trees will certainly not catch up with the cutting speed, which will cause global environmental problems. So in principle, if the materials used are precious wood species, it is unlikely to be solid wood. Products.