Advantages and Disadvantages || Price of melamine Particleboard

- Apr 18, 2019-

When purchasing furniture. the guide will always introduce raw materials, such as melamine particleboard,

its structure is uniform,

processing performance is good,

can be mass produced,

is a better raw material for making different specifications and style furniture.

Let me give you a detailed introduction of what is the melamine particle panel. the advantages and disadvantages of particle board and the price of it. Let's take a look.

Particle board use in kitchen

What Is Particleboard?


Particle board is also called bagasse board. It made of wood or other lignocellulosic material. It is a kind of wood-based board which glued under the action of heat and pressure. It is also called particle board. used in the furniture manufacturing and construction industries. and in the manufacture of trains and car bodies.


The Price Analysis Of Particleboard:


    Because the structure of the particleboard is uniform and the processing performance is good. it can processed into a large-format sheet according to the needs. and is a good raw material for making furniture of different specifications and styles. The finished particleboard does not need to dried again, it can used. and the sound absorption and sound insulation performance is also very good. But, it also has its inherent disadvantages. Because the edges are rough and easy to absorb moisture. the edge-sealing process made of particleboard is particularly important. Besides, due to the high density of particleboard, furniture made with it is also heavy compared to other panels. Besides. the particle board is low in cost, but the strength is not very large. and it is easy to crack; when pressed, a large amount of adhesive added. which contains some substances harmful to the human body. For example: formaldehyde.


What Are The Advantages Of Particleboard?


A, With good sound absorption and sound insulation performance.  particle board insulation and sound absorption.


B. The inside is a granular shape with a cross-displacement structure. the performance in each direction is the same, and the lateral bearing capacity is poor.


C. The surface of the particle board is flat and can used for various veneers.


D. In the production process, the amount of glue used is small, and the environmental protection factor is high.


What Are The Disadvantages Of Particleboard?


A. The inside is a granular structure, and it is not easy to make a shape.


B. It is easy to cause violent teeth when cutting boards. Thus, some processes must high processing equipment and should not produced on site.


C. The quality of particleboard on the market is uneven, and the inferior particleboard is very friendly. and its formaldehyde content exceeds the standard. But, with the country's emphasis on environmental protection. the environmental protection of high-quality particleboard has guaranteed.


Particleboard Quality Discrimination Method:


1. From the appearance point of view:


Look at the large size and shape of the wood pellets in the center of the cross section. The length is generally 5-10MM length. The structure is too long and loose, too short to resist deformation. The so-called static bending strength is not up to standard.


2.   The moisture resistance of wood-based panels depends on their density and moisture-proofing agent. It is not good to soak moisture in water. Moisture-proof means moisture-proof, not waterproof. so it should distinguished in the future use, northern areas, including The moisture content of the plates in North China.  Northwest China and Northeast China should generally controlled at 8-10%;

the southern region including coastal areas should controlled between 9-14%,

otherwise the plates are hygroscopic.


3,      From the surface flatness and smoothness. generally go through the 200# sandpaper light when leaving the factory. the general situation is fine, but at some time, such as sticky fire board, etc., too thin is not good Hang glue.


melamine particle panel


Particleboard Price:


The price of wood-based panels can be high or low, depending on how much it costs. In general, the cost of particleboard made of wood and fiber wood is not very high, and the price is also tens of dollars. I will list several different types of particleboard prices for your reference.


Type: calendered particle board Specification: 1220×2440×9mm Price: 37.00 yuan / piece


Type: Particleboard (double sand) Specifications: 1220 × 2440 × 18mm Price: 70.00 yuan / Zhang


Type: moisture-proof particleboard Specifications: 1220 × 2440 × 18mm Price: 67.00 yuan / Zhang


Type: calendered particle board Specification: 1220×2440×18mm Price: 58.00 yuan / piece


Type: Pine Particleboard Specification: 1220×2440×12mm Price: 52.00 yuan / piece


Type: moisture-proof particleboard Specification: 1220×2440×15mm Price: 71.00 yuan / piece


Type: Sanding Particleboard Specification: 1220×2440×12mm Price: 48.00 yuan / piece


Type: Pine Particleboard Specification: 1220×2440×25mm Price: 83.00 yuan / piece


Type: Sanding Particleboard Specification: 1220×2440×25mm Price: 91.00 yuan / piece


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