18MM home depot plywood price

- Apr 15, 2019-

There are a variety of custom furniture sheets. each with different manufacturing processes and properties. But, the specifications of each type of plate are standard. The specifications of melamine plywood on the market are generally 1.22*2.44 meters. and there are many thicknesses. Different thicknesses have different prices. Of course, Comsumers are focus on the 18MM home depot plywood price .


18mm depot home plywood

What May Cause 18MM Home Depot Plywood Price?


(1) According to the thickness can divided into:


and other specifications, the price of plywood sheet is not the same according to different thicknesses.


(2) The price of plywood board has a direct relationship with:

core material, surface finish, process and environmental protection grade.


(3) The core material divided into: different types of wood species such as :

poplar, elm, paulownia, etc., of course, affecting the price of the panels.


(4) Surface finish:

The reason why the board is so popular is that. it has a direct relationship with the diversification of its decorative color. The thickness of the facing paper and the quality of the paper have a direct relationship.


(5) Process: The process of board divided into direct paste and double paste. Different processes are of course far different from the quality required for the product. The prices of the reposted plates are around 130-160, and the prices are about 175-220.


(6) Environmental protection:

The environmental protection level of melamine plywood divided into E1 and E0. and the price of melamine plywood. with different environmental protection levels is also very different.

home depot plywood

How To Judge The Quality Of Plywood?


First of all, the phenomenon of layered slabs of the melamine plywood is because the black board is not completely dried. the surface of the core board has impurities. the curing time is insufficient, and the moisture vapor or prepreg is damp.


the phenomenon of the plate warping caused by the fact that the core plate. and the prepreg have inconsistent latitude and longitude directions. or the cold pressing rate is too fast.


What’s more, the phenomenon of the white-edged white horn is that the resin does not enter the glass bristle and presents a white-rimmed white angle. This is because the laminated plates are not aligned. the edge of the plate is not pressed, and the heating rate is too fast. so that the temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the plate is too large or the amount of glue is too large and so on.


Finally, it is the phenomenon of pinhole bubbles. because the initial pressure is too high or too low. the viscosity of the resin is high, the amount of glue is too low; the initial pressure is too long. and the temperature rises too fast.


Regardless of 18MM depot plywood price, the choice of the right is always better than the wrong choice. You must not buy cheap melamine plywood with excessive formaldehyde or poor quality. The health of your family is more important than any substance.


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