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White melamine faced furniture particle board cut to size is well-equipped for interior jobs such as building ,closet shelves and cupboard.
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What Is Furniture Particle Board Cut To Size

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      On any given day. saw mills and other wood processing factories generate a significant. amount of manufacturing  wood product  and scrap material. Much of these wood shavings and piles of sawdust recycled. and end up as an engineered wood product called particleboard.  industrial particleboard is a value-packed alternative to solid wood paneling or boards. It intended for interior projects in which size consistency, smooth surfaces. and a homogeneous construction are a priority.  products particleboard is  dimensional stability.  exceptional strength. perfect for   furniture shelving sustainable design 

      Examine a section of  particleboard panels and you’ll most likely notice a lack of grain. Particleboard produced by combining sawdust  wood particles. and other wood scrap with a special resin. This slurry of wood chips and glue is then pressed. through an extrusion machine to form long sheets of particleboard. Customized saws cut these sheets into various sizes. according to the needs of the customer. Countertop manufacturers use particleboard in a variety of sizes. but generally ¾” thick panels in 30″ widths in 8’, 10’ and 12’ lengths are most suitable for countertop cores.

      Although unfinished particleboard bears little resemblance to traditional hardwoods. its smooth, consistent surface is ideal for lamination. One of the things conventional particleboard cannot handle, but. is high exposure to moisture.  moisture content is why few if any outdoor projects feature particleboard. For this, choose  moisture resistance  particle board  is better

      Direct and/or prolonged. contact with water can cause particleboard to stain, warp or swell. Moisture resistant (MR) type particleboard performs much better in higher moisture applications.

 china particle board suppliers - Yueshan

      We manufacture both fir and pine particle board substrates. We produce all grades to fit your needs. including underlayment, door core, commercial, industrial, and specialty. It is also available in many thicknesses. widths and lengths that are not available in plywood. We can create custom sizes and specifications to meet individual customer needs. 

       china particle board suppliers . Yueshan  cutting particle board utilizing cutting-edge wood manufacturing technology. We manufacture all our particle board with no added formaldehyde . and in two certifications: FSC and SFI. Finished particle board lumber composites dyed with the help of a unique bio filter. that removes harsh chemicals and pollutants from the product. In keeping with our commitment to sustainable forestry. we fire our triple-pass dryers with leftover sander dust from the production process.

       china particle board factory .  our team of quality control experts tests our particle board for flexibility, strength. and hardness per ANSI standard A208.1. Testing follows standard procedures outlined in ASTM D1037-12. During the manufacturing process. we test boards off the production line every two hours. Sample panels undergo MOR. and IB testing to determine how much force needed to break the board and how much needed to pull it apart.

      After an special ordercompleted, extra safety sheets testing performed on finished panels. These tests include extra MOR and IB tests,tsca title vi certificate. flex tests. linear expansion tests, moisture content measurements. and we offer sample free shipping.

Our  cut particle board :

physical properties Resists warping, sagging, and chip-out

Provides excellent machinability and screw-holding power

Is the ideal choice for a wide range of applications

Contains post-industrial recycled/recovered fiber

cut particle  pressure advantages

       White melamine faced furniture particle board cut to size. is well-equipped for interior jobs such as  glued together  building. closet shelves and cupboard. The melamine is usually clean and doesn't need painting, and if affixed. it will be steady and last for a long period. 

particle board cut to size

particle board vs mdf

 particle board 

 another types of particle board is oriented strand baord. or  board osb

Chipboard pros

-Not only is particleboard cheaper than wood, it is also less expensive than MDF and plywood. This makes it a great choice for construction applications like subfloors. that are never seen anyway.

-Particleboard also provides a smooth and flat surface that accepts glue.

-It comes in a variety of grades, thicknesses and densities so that you can find the right choice for your needs.

-Higher grade products offer great strength and density.

-Does offer some friendly characteristics since it made using scraps and waste.

-A lightweight product. which means that office furniture made with particleboard is easy to move.

-Furniture pieces are usually pre-laminated and feature a ready-made design. All you have to do is follow the instructions to assemble a finished product.

MFC Cons

-A wide variety of chemicals, including formaldehyde, used in the manufacturing process. When particleboard cut and sanded. these chemicals released. which means that anyone working with these materials should limit their exposure time.

-Particleboard is also sensitive to moisture. If it becomes saturated with water, it will swell and crumble.

-Cheap particleboard tends to sag over time. It is not ideal for long lengths of shelving that need lasting structural integrity.


MDF board

Medium Density Fiberboard or MDF for short. comprised of wood fibers packed together with resin and compressed with heat. You’re thinking, ‘that’s almost word for word how you described particleboard’. Which is true. but the key difference with MDF is that the wood fibers are so small. and packed together that it becomes far stronger and denser than particleboard.

mdf panels advantages

-Cost Effective

-Stronger than particleboard

 density fiberboard disadvantages


-Susceptible to water damage

particle board vs plywood

Plywood made up of thin sheets of wood that stacked, adhered, compressed and then veneered. Generally speaking. it is superior to particleboard and MDF in strength, water resistance, and weight. Additionally, it is available in many different thicknesses, ranging from 1/8” to over 1”.

plywood products advantages


-Greater water resistance

-Lighter than MDF and particleboard

-Various wood types (hard and soft wood)

softwood plywood disadvantages

-May splinter

-Higher cost

cutting particle


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