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15mm white melamine conti board cut to size offers a versatile usage for creating shelving, storage space and furniture using its extensive selection of colors, designs and cut to required user friendly sizes, in addition matching edging tape to make sure a neat finish.
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How To Cut Conti Board To Size

 What is Conti board?

Conti-Board is a is a form of chipboard with either a melamine facing.  in which case it is what we call  product name MFC melamine faced chipboard. or real wood chipboard  furniture board 

 24 inch   white conti  Also known as melamine  white contiboard , conti board or MFC boards. Melamine Boards  versatile material  are very  stain resistant versatile. and can used as a  white furniture cost-effective alternative to. the use of solid wood timber for internal projects. The majority of  continue shopping  office furniture manufactured with  melamine finish  MFC board. Although MFC has the  professional finish  reputation of being low-grade material. the melamine board of today is of much  click collect  higher-quality than it used to be.

Yueshan stocks  melamine boards in a range of colours  free delivery . and  edge type  finishes, including popular  scratch heat  wood-grain appearance. using today’s digital technologies. Our range of melamine sheets includes  15mm thick varying lengths. and sizes to accommodate all your construction project needs  best experience .

If it’s melamine sheets  edging tape  you’re looking for, you can be sure yueshan has you covered with Beech, Oak. and Walnut wood grain finishes and both the popular White melamine. and melamine colours all available.

15mm white melamine conti board cut to size offers a versatile. usage for creating shelving, storage space. and furniture using its extensive selection of colors, designs. and cut to required user friendly sizes, besides matching edging tape to make sure a neat finish.

white melamine  MFC features

The  white contiboard indoors interlaced and  sheet materials  strewn with granular structure. the  melamine faced chipboard  performance of every part is the equal. the transverse bearing pressure is particularly poor, appropriate for  white furniture  shelf

 melamine faced Particleboard surface flat, can done a variety of  white contiboard veneer

 durable melamine  conti board  in the production manner, with small amount of glue.  white melamine environmental protection coefficient is pretty high.

white contiboard plastic edging colors


In yueshan, we stock over 30 distinct shades of melamine surface particleboard. We will provide melamine board with thickness of 15mm or 18mm. All you want to do is pick your thickness, size and shade from the following order. We can cut the plate in line with your specific necessities. 

The commonly use patterns have: walnut  conti board, beech  conti board , oak  conti board . maple  conti board 

 The commonly use patterns have :   conti board  grey,  conti board   white. conti board  black. cream  conti board  

conti board

conti board cut to size supplier

If you're looking for a 15mm melamine white conti board cut to size solutions, we can help! You are able to order cut to size board from Yueshan. as a recognized, leading melamine laminate producer in China. we focus on a variety of quality melamine board products including MDF cut to form. We can offer you a highly effective, cost-effective cutting plan. assisting to save time, reduce extreme waste materials. and lower costs. 

At Yueshan , we interested in providing quality, white melamine conti board cut to size. bespoke melamine board furniture for our customers’ project. Yueshan has produced ironon edging melamine board. and white melamine conti board cut to size inside. our 120000m2 manufacture base since 1999. The business has enjoyed sustained growth since its formation. and we have now offered an array of melamine plywood, chipboard. and MDF, etc. additionally, machined bespoke to your customers’ requirements and sizes.

How to cut white  conti board 

 melamine finish  conti board  itself is greater impurities. the loss of the noticed blade is especially direct. in particular large-scale reducing operations. the provider lifestyles of conventional cemented carbide noticed blade may be very standard. now massive mechanical saw desk additionally use particleboard diamond noticed blade. compared with alloy saw blade use impact is greater lasting.

Alloy noticed blades with dense tooth ought to used. Cooperate with an excellent sawing device. the operation of the velocity additionally need to be suitable.  no longer too speedy, too fast will appear leap edge. Noticed blade is the first-rate use of a week or to be able to sharpen, to use a unique grinding tool grinding. the perspective also have to be proper. in case you alternate the perspective of the noticed can even appear a soar aspect.  durable melamine 

melamine faces particle board application

Melamine surface particleboard or MFC is a widely used construction product. It is with us all the time. For example, melamine boards used in kitchen cupboards, store furniture, closets. and many other commercial or family-owned furniture.

The most widely used of conti baord cut to size is melamine shelving.

conti board  shelving have Suitable sound absorption. and sound insulation performance, particleboard insulation, sound absorption; 

The  melamine shelving  interior interlaced and strewn with granular structure. The performance of each component is the equal. Particleboard floor flat, texture practical, bulk density even. thickness error is small, pollution resistance, growing old resistance, stunning.  conti board cut to size  shelving  can perform a ramification of veneer;

 Particleboard inside the manufacturing method, with small quantity of glue. environmental safety coefficient is particularly high. The interior is granular shape, no longer easy to mill;

inside the slicing  conti board  shelving is simple to . reason the phenomenon of teeth explosion. so part of the procedure of processing device necessities are better.  conti board  shelves no longer suitable for on-web site production.


white conti. white contiboard. furniture board. white furniture. click collect. inch white. stain resistant. sheet materials. continue shopping. 24 inch. free click. many applications. scratch heat. versatile material. 15mm thick. javascript enabled. product code. using soap. water although. ask question. product details. javascript seems. width mm. thickness mm. wide range. order online. 

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