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Yueshan manufactures chipboard cut to size furniture components for the Kitchen, Bath and Institutional Cabinet market. Our fabrication experience makes a wide selection of chipboard cut to size furniture part possible.
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The Best Furniture Chipboard Cut To Size, Edging And Drilling Service


Chipboard (sometimes known as particle board) is a multi-purpose material. and one of the most widely-used wood-based panels. Particleboard is an engineered wood-based product manufactured from wood chip particles. and a synthetic binding resin. We form the board in a press using heat and pressure. it also have custom paperboard or coated paperboards.

The main customers for particleboard are the furniture manufacturing and refurbishment sectors. Ideal for internal components, the product. can also coated with a decorative surface for applications. such as kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and office furniture and shelving.

Chipboard can used as raw board or surfaced with wood veneers. melamine decorative papers or foils. Denser and more uniform than conventional wood and plywood. it is suitable for all general purposes in construction and furniture manufacture.

standard chipboard sizes 

A general purpose board suitable for building and joinery.

Sizes - 2440 x 1220

Thicknesses - 12mm, 18mm

 chipboard furniture grade

Suitable for many applications in the furniture and kitchen industries.

Sizes - 2440 x 1220, 3050 x 1220

Thicknesses - 15mm, 18mm


Ideal for use as a substrate for post-formed kitchen worktops and breakfast bars.

Sizes - 3050 x 1220, 3055 x 1220

Thicknesses - 28mm, 38mm

 chipboard panels Features


      Chipboard is easy to use, simple and fast to install. and ideal to use to any flooring including tiles, slate, carpet and vinyl. 

Cost effective

      This type of material priced and provides another alternative to solid wood. As compared to a corrugated cardboard. chipboard are lesser priced for shipping and packing. Also, this type of sub-floor material functions as treatment for termites. and fungus which is perfect for homes located in humid areas.


      It  made of sturdy material that can endure pressure and even protects shipping items. When used as a furniture material, the furniture product is secure and seamless.

Looks Like Wood 

      Chipboard designed with its different finishes, wood-like features, superior class. and without any kind of flaws on it. 

Environmentally Friendly 

      It made from recycled materials such as wood chips, wood particles, sawmill. or sawdust shavings and it comprises 70 percent of it. If the people choose to use chipboard instead of solid wood. or corrugated there will also be lesser damage done to the forests.

Melamine Chipboard cut to size benefits

Low cost

      Lower cost is the advantage most often cited about chipboard. While the initial buy price of the board itself is only lower than. that of a comparable plywood, chipboard's smoother surface. and texture allow builders to save money on tooling. while providing a ready-to-laminate surface. Because the wood fibers are not running uniformly down the length of the wood. chipboard is more resistant to warping, and will not splinter. Chipboard is available with a flame-retardant treatment. and high-density chipboard can have a water-resistant treatment.


       Chipboard made with up to 70 percent recycled material. so it's more environmentally friendly than other alternatives. Fewer trees will chopped down. when people choose chipboard over solid wood or corrugated.


       Chipboard is a  Durability  sturdy material that holds up well under pressure. It protects items for shipping better than corrugated. When used in place of solid wood, it creates stable furniture without weak spots.

Melamine surface

      The covering  Melamine surface  over chipboard makes a wide variety of finishes possible. It can simulate any type of wood, and it can made to look like the best quality of that wood, without knots or defects.

melamine faced particalboard application

      Furniture: furniture that's decorated with particleboard during decoration, for example chairs, cabinets, etc. 

       Wall surface: It's also present with use wallboard straight. to make wall decoration materials. Particleboard is much more common in public places decoration. and you will find many application cases for home decoration. Top surface: Particleboard may also  used directly like a ceiling material. The decoration effect is natural and delightful. Floor: When decorating the ground, additionally to presenting flooring, flooring and cement. you may also use particleboard  to produce a natural artistic feel. Door: Particleboard may  used  to help make the entire door Stairs: 

      There are lots of individuals who  worried about particleboard like a face material. which might  break or produce burrs. But, particleboard is  used  for stair steps. Other: If you would like, the entire house can  created using particleboard.  including not  the inside decoration of the home, but the building structure of the home.

chipboard cut to size

      If you are looking for unusual sizes of chipboards for the use of stiffners, or artwork, framing. or model making for your school projects we could make custom cut  immediate shipment  for you. 

       If you can't find what the  standard sizes. or thickness of chip board cut to size that you need on our chip board sheets page. then our custom size chip board sheets might are a great option. We can create custom cut size sheets. a huge selection of  chipboard sheets  thicknesses. including very thin 20 point chipboards up to very thick 140 point. for extreme durability. They made of 100% recycled materials. and vary in color from gray to brown because of this recycled content. Whether you are using chipboard for protective packaging. backings on  chipboard pads of paper, journal. and notebook covers, rustic wedding invitations, customized business cards. or your own unique application. we are sure to have a custom sized solution for you.

chipboard supplier- Yueshan

      Yueshan is a leading supplier of chipboard used in garment packaging. The paperboard functions as partitions, fillers. and protectors during shipping and unpacking. ensuring that apparel goods get to their destination in good condition. All sizes are available in bulk packages. and standard sizes are available in bulk, bundles and cartons.  melamine laminated  chipboard products  packaging needs  sheets pallet liners.  

      ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certified manufacturers of paperboard. We produce seven grades of. high quality paperboard sheets ranging in thickness from .015″ to .050″. All standard grades have a water finish, providing a clean, smooth printing surface.  Other finishes include wax, starch and dry finish.  Color tinting is available upon request.

      We supply the widest portfolio of chipboard products. on the market to the construction, interior design and furniture industries.

    Available in a wide range of sizes and coatings. these chipboard panels are ideal for a host of different applications. Special customised chipboard products developed. together with our customers to respond as possible to their needs. Board size, thickness, structure and strength can adapted as required.

      With our modern production facilities. we are able to supply our customers with tailor-made chipboard products. We focus upon the quality of our products. and product development targeted towards meeting the requirements of our customers’ business.

      Today’s particleboard manufacturers give industrial users the consistent quality. and design flexibility needed for fast. efficient production lines and quality consumer products. Particleboard panels manufactured in a variety of dimensions. and with a wide range of physical properties. that provides maximum design flexibility for specifiers and end users.

chipboard cut to size

chipboard manufacturers buy chipboard Tips

      We supply standard plain chipboard and melamine chipboard. Our chipboard  made rubber wood. and tropical wood  mixed together and crushed till it becomes wood chips. It is then  pressed together with high pressure. and temperature.Our plain chipboard comes with 4x8 and 6x8 in size. and covers varies of thickness. and the melamine chipboard is pre-laminated with solid color. and woodgrain color of your choices.

      A normal chipboard is cheaper and more dense than a standard plywood. but is less denser than a medium density fibreboard. One huge drawback of a chipboard is that the surface are vulnerable to swelling. when comes in contact with water especially when it is not covered with spray paint or veneers.  packaging supplies offer chipboard used  used on furnitures like  corrugated boxes,  chipboard boxes. or other  indoor outdoor use . that are low cost and sustainable enough with standard quality.

      Safety precaution  needed when dealing with chipboard because unhealthy chemicals  released. when it is being cut. Cutting a  melamine particle board can release formaldehyde. and few other chemicals and will burn the eye. when a person stands too close or too long near it.

      Yueshan specialize in engineered wood, melamine MDF. plywood and  chipboard sheets  cut to size and other furniture OEM service. The company covers an area of over 120,000 cubic meters. get  iso 9001 and  iso 14001  certificate.  sheets chipboard  formaldehyde emission have E1. or E0. After years of development, it has formed a high-quality professional team. With different mechanical production lines. we have won the trust of customers with stable quality and best service. pls contact us for more  product information.

furniture board cut to size


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