2mm Mdf Cut to Size

, 3mm, cut to size it shows a good warping performance and it can be easily stapled or bent. it can be easily glued, bent, printed, veneered or coated with PVC or decorative paper through simple technologies.
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2mm  Mdf Boarc Cut To Size

2mm mdf board    

      2mm mdf board  is a flat and calibrated high density board.  mdf 2mm shows a good warping performance and  2mm mdf can stapled or bent. can glued, bent, printed. veneered or coated with PVC or decorative paper through simple technologies.  2mm mdf cut to size  excellent strength/weight relation makes it ideal for a wide variety of uses. E1 classification: low formaldehyde content.

      2mm mdf sheet  MDF board suitable for all frame backing applications.

       MDF is an engineered wood composite that is like particle board. but is much denser and stronger than particle board. Because it’s composed of such small wood fibers, there’s no wood grain in MDF.  And because it’s pressed so hard at such high temperatures, there are no voids in MDF like you find in particle board.  Here you can see the visible difference between particle board and MDF. with MDF on the top and particle board on the bottom.


medium density density fibreboard  advantages

 -MDF  board material  is generally cheaper than plywood.

-The surface of MDF is very smooth, and you don’t have to worry about knots on the surface.

-Because it’s so smooth, it’s a great surface for painting. I recommend first priming with a quality oil-based primer.  (Don’t use aerosol spray primers on MDF!!  It just soaks right in, and is a huge waste of time and money.  It will also cause the surface to become rough.)

-Also because of its smoothness, MDF is a great substrate for veneer.

- 2mm  MDF is very consistent throughout, so cut edges appear smooth and won’t have voids or splinters.

-Because of the smooth 2.5mm mdf edges, you can use a router to create decorative edges.

-The consistency and smoothness of MDF allows for easy cutting of detailed designs . (such as scrolled or scalloped designs) using a scroll saw, band saw, or jigsaw.

 mdf board cut to size  performance 

Physical and mechanical performance

      Because the fiber structure from the plate is uniform. and also the connecting strength between your fibers is high. the static bending strength. the plane tensile strength and also the elastic modulus are great. But. since the MDF consists of logs and completely altered the dwelling from the wood. the moisture absorption, water absorption performance. and thickness expansion ratio are high, . and also the nail holding power is worse compared to particalboard.

Decorative performance

      Because the top of MDF is smooth and smooth. you can glue the veneer and thin paper along with other decorative materials. and you can paint and save the paint.

Processing performance

     Medium-density fiberboard can establish. plates from the couple of millimeters to many millimeters thick. can replace any thickness of wood and square. and it has good machinability, sawing, drilling, slotting, boring, sanding and engraving . The advantage from the board could processed in almost any shape.  and also the surface is smooth after processing.

 2mm mdf backing board application

      2mm, MDF board cut to size it shows a good warping performance and it can stapled or bent. it can glued, bent, printed, veneered. or coated with PVC or decorative paper through simple technologies. Its excellent strength/weight relation makes it ideal for   2mm mdf backing board 

 Besides. 2mm,3mm, MDF board cut to size. it used for frame backing, furniture back parts, curved structures. or the lower part of drawers. Other uses: moldings, indoor woodwork.

 2mm mdf cut to size delivered  - YUESHAN

     2mm mdf cut to size delivered  - YUESHAN has offered a fantastic  customer service to  import&export co. and home. and office furniture manufacturer in a variety of cabinetry projects  wood product.  as well as cut and edge MDF board to exact required sizes on an array of materials. Commercial Plywood, Melamine Faced Plywood (MF Ply). Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC), Medium Density Fibre Boards (MDF) and more.

     Our 120,000m2 factory equipped. with the latest computer-controlled equipment utilized by our experienced & skilled workers to. make sure your items produced to the highest requirements and pinpoint precision. We can handle delivering large output volumes at an easy turnaround, delivered.

    We have supple  2mm   china mdf to  united kingdom about 80000 cubic meter. Pls feel free to contact for more  latest price, our MOQ is  1000 pieces 


2mm mdf board

mdf 2mm

2mm mdf


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