Digital Printing On Wood Laminated MDF Board

Digital Printing On Wood Laminated MDF Board

Digital Printing Definition ( 1 ) Digital printing is a printing technique that uses digital or electronic files from a personal computer or other digital storage device as a source. Digital printing does not rely on a platen to carry images, nor does it require any setup pages. Due to lower...
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digital printing on wood

       The term refers to using a special printer to print inks directly onto a piece of wood. As a result you end up with a similar look. the print is actually part of the wood.  The inks are water soluble to keep pollutants out of our water. The wood sourced from a renewable supply. 

      Direct printing on wood is exactly as it sounds. the image is digitally printed directly onto the wood panel. But what about the wood grain you ask? Well, we have perfected the process of printing on a bright white finish which gives the look. and feel of a true to color  photo printing  on wood. Direct printing gives the same feel. and look of a photo mounted print plus the added  amazingly effective of durability.

      Digital printing computer science is a printing technique that uses digital. or electronic files from a personal computer printing plates. or printing refers another digital storage device machine learning as a source. Digital printing does not rely on a platen to carry images, printing meaning. nor does it need any setup pages. Due to lower production costs, digital printing has replaced lithography virtual reality. in a wide range of digital print markets.

      Modern printing methods data management such as variable data laser. and inkjet printing referred to as digital printing. Digital printing includes images that sent to the printer using digital files. such as business services PDF larde format and graphics software. such as Illustrator and In print Design print runs. Printing technology eliminates the need for plates that used for offset printing. laser printers which saves money and time.

      Relatively new for the woodworking industry. digital printing offers opportunities for high-speed, high-definition imaging onto a variety of substrates. including solid wood, panel products and decor papers. Another feature of these finishing systems is that large production runs, mass customization. and custom runs all can performed with ease.

        Digital printing can used in a wide range of applications. including flooring, furniture, wall paneling and ceiling products. This method is particularly ideal for trade show exhibits and retail environments. where one-off displays changed with high frequency.

digital printing


custom wood printing information


Digital Printing On Wood Laminated MDF Board

wood substrate

MDF, Particle Board,  



Digital Printing Melamine product, 1220*2440mm(4x8) (4x10)Or As Your Requirement





Melamine Paper

Through our 24-color digital printing, any photo, fantasy pattern design, wood grain and stone provided by the customer can be printed on the base paper.


 bright white,  white even,  dark woods, dark stained. stained woods, images logos,  wood signage, signage plaques,  opaque white   


Below 8%


650-750 Kg/M3

Surface Treatment

Smooth, Matt, Glossy, Embossed, Etc

Other substrate digital way 

Loose Packing Or Standard Pallet Packing As Your Request




Usage Adequate For Making Furniture




T/T Or L/C At Sight

Delivery Time

Within 15-20 Days After Receiving Deposit Or Original L/C At Sight

Direct printing on wood advantages

      Now apply those capabilities to the shop floor:  high resolution simplicity, image quality. and range of production options. On top of that, you can make money on the first part. That’s what digital printing brings to production. Along with the printer’s capabilities, machinery manufacturers also tout its environmental benefits. an aspect of keen interest to today’s woodworkers.

      Because designs can printed directly onto substrates. there can be an immediate reduction in decorative paper usage. along with all the associated costs. Today many companies forced to buy minimums of prefabricated woodgrains. The yields. when processing them for the final product. almost always leave the manufacturer with waste that cannot reused.

       Digital is able to provide the ability to print grains that are perpendicular on a sheet. thus resulting in a much higher yield. Besides they also have no need to order minimums of a specific SKU. Digital printing will also have an impact on raw material usage. We can make a poplar veneer look like rosewood. And, the rainforest gets to keep the trees. 

      The use of water-based inks also provide an safer way of transferring pigments to board. But despite all the benefits of these machines, there are some limitations. Picture This: Digital Printing on WoodPerhaps the biggest limitation with digital printing.  is the current “inability to replicate the wood flip” in . which the woodgrain appears different based on the viewing angle. as found with real finished veneers.

      Surface quality is critical to the look of the final product. and should be a primary consideration. when evaluating whether digital printing is the right approach for a job. Highly-absorbent material will affect the quantity of ink and finish appearance. With the proper substrate preparation. you can put a photo-quality image on any surface.


Digital Printing Process 

Step 1: Choose And Print Your Image

      The first stage is to select the image you wish to use. Any image will work. and our following examples are for a greyscale (black and white) print, a sepia image and a colour print. There are two important factors to remember when selecting your image. the image flipped when transferred to the wood. so you will need to create a mirror image of what you want to print. This is a feature included in most basic image processing programs and is very easy to do.

      Colour prints appear darker on the wood. so if possible fiddle with the brightness and saturation of a colour image to give it a better final result. This isn't crucial, the final print does still look good in colour from a normal image. but it is worth the effort if you know how.

Step 2: Apply The Gel To The Wood

      Now that you've got everything together it's about time to get started. Ensure your wood is flat and clean, lumps. and bits of dirt make the process much harder and detract from the finished product. Now that you've got everything together it's about time to get started. Ensure your wood is flat and clean, lumps and bits of dirt make the process much harder. and detract from the finished product. Once you're set, apply an even layer of Acrylic Gel to your wood. 

       Make sure you get an even coat, missed spots will not transfer the image. and any lumps may cause your print to have bubbles and pockets in it. Make sure not to spread the gel too. as this increases the drying time and may damage your print when you remove the paper. We found that a layer a couple mm thick worked fine.

Step 3: Put Your Image Onto The Wood

         Once you've got a nice level layer of gel it's time for the most nerve-racking part of the process. placing your image onto the wood. You need to line up your image and set it down to avoid air pockets and creases. It's worth remembering that while the gel is still wet it's possible to tease bits of your print off to re-align them. 

        but it's better to get it right first time! Once the image is down, fetch your 'straight edge' . we used a ruler, and use it to ensure your image is completely flat.   Once you're happy place your wood block somewhere it's not going to tampered with. and leave it to dry overnight.

Step 4: Revealing Your Image

        You  need to remove the paper from the outside of the block. The easiest, albeit messiest, method. we found to get the paper off was applying water with a sponge brush to the paper. then removing the paper with our hands. This process take quite a long time and, depending on. how much of a perfectionist you are can leave you with sore fingers. It's astounding when you start to see your print showing up from under the paper.

Step 5: The Finishing Touches

           Use the sandpaper to smooth the edges of the wood. You will likely have a few blobs of excess acrylic on the edges too so remove them with the sandpaper at the same time. at this stage you'll have a clear transfer of your print! to make it stand out it's a good idea to treat the wood, which will also ensure the longevity of your work. and mean you have something to show for your hard work for years to come. 

        You may decide that either of both of the following steps don't suit your project so feel free to. skip over these sections. Staining an image works well for mono-chrome images. and further enhances their "olde time" feel.

         To apply the stain to our image we took a clean brush and dipped it into the wood stain. applying it to the wood before wiping it off it to ensure the tones didn't get too dark. It should be obvious but wood stain is good at staining. it's worth taking measures to avoid getting it on your clothes.

digital mdf wall panel

Photo Printing Application:

    Direct Jet inkjet printers are amazingly effective for digital wood printing. They allow you to print photo-quality images, logos. and text directly onto wood substrates up to 6" thick. Print full-color images onto wood signage, plaques. and much more with a direct to wood substrate digital printer.

   Our photo printting  Direct Jet UV printers are excellent for printing on finished woods. The UV printing process will produce vibrant color. and opaque white, even on dark woods or dark stained woods.

     Photo Printing  company have developed custom High-Quality printed melamine panels. by bonding the impregnated paper to a substrate (usually MDF and particleboard). under high pressure. The flat, impact-resistant. and sturdy internal structure make it the most used building board. with cost-effective features. It has a wide range of applications from the kitchen to office furniture:




(4)Toilet cubicle

(5) Signage

digital print mdf wall panel

Digital Printing VS Screen Printing

         Digital printing processes has many benefits. It can provide faster turnaround times. It has better quality prints and lower cost than screen printing. It is a good choice for print on demand or any print that requires a shorter turnaround time. 

         Because it is non-contact printing methods. it offers designers a choice of printing substrates. Unlike screen printing methods , laser printing,inkjet printing,solid ink printing. image distortion does not occur in digital printing.but, digital printing costs more per page than traditional screen printing.

 Digital printing vs offset printing

            Digital printing vs offset  business cards utilizes raster images and sends them. to the printer via digital file and graphics software applications. A raster image (also known as a bitmap) is an X and Y coordinate grid on the display space. that contains detailed information about the coordinates to illuminated. 

          Unlike other printing processes, the toner does not penetrate the substrate. The toner print quality actually forms a thin layer. on the surface and can used to adhere to the surface by a fixing solution. as a part of the heat treatment or UV curing process. Thereby the surface of Digital Printing methods On Wood Laminated MDF Board formed.

printing on woods Tips

      Whether you want to print on full-sheets of plywood. or you need to add custom graphics to wooden coasters and small signs. uv printers to fit your application needs. custom wood printing technologies enable users to print directly onto. pre-manufactured wooden boards with large-format UV flatbeds.  print directly onto small wooden items with desktop UV flatbeds. or wrap wooden items with vinyl graphics using inkjet technology. photoquality images technology makes printing on wood applications easy.

      Artists, online storeowners, giftware providers. and other custom graphics experts can make huge profits by adding messages. company logos and graphics to a variety of wooden objects. Using wood printers. users have a convenient method of printing directly onto custom frames, coasters. baby blocks, wooden fixtures, small signs. and other desirable items. users can create high-value one-off custom items, such as tabletops. product display items, décor pieces, instruments, artwork. and many more specialty items that command high prices.

      wood printer supplies a range of desktop, benchtop. and large-scale UV flatbed printers that can directly print on wooden surfaces. for a convenient wood printing solution. With the addition of Gloss inks, users can add unique textures, patterns, brush strokes. and other stunning artistic effects to create truly original pieces.

      digital Print designs on vinyl for wood application with Inkjet Printers devices. that include uv printer series printer/cutters. that bring your prints to life with stunning color quality. the Inkjet Printers that produces photorealistic imagery. and theInkjet Printers/cutter for desktop art printing.

Wood Print supplier - Yueshan 

       Yueshan With a nationally top rated flatbed  digital printer. we are able to produce a  print photoquality  digital print. that is very comparable to the crispness of a photograph. Photo mounting is the best option for photographic images. but direct printing comes in a very close second. If you are ordering a graphic image or illustrated image, direct printing is the best option.

      Print wooden signs, sports equipment, home décor products, furniture. and much more with our range of LED UV printers. Able to print directly on reclaimed wood, laminate wood, hardwoods.  and softwoods, the wood print series is an excellent range of printers for everyone. from sign makers to design studios.

       With 19 different sizing options available. Yueshan has the perfect wooden canvas for your custom wood print. and since all our wooden PLYWERK canvases cut and sanded by hand in-house. if you don’t see the size you need we can always have it custom made with no minimum to buy. All the wood harvested for our canvases are sustainable. meaning once it has harvested.  a replacement planted in it’s place.

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