Digital Printing Melamine MDF Board

Digital Printing Melamine MDF Board

Yueshan Digital Print Melamine Panel provides natural and realistic wood and stone patterns. As well as a variety of art and complex graphics. We strive to satisfy our customers' satisfaction with small-quantity semi-custom decorative surfaces. If you want to customize the unique furniture board pattern, Yueshan is your best choice.
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Traditionally. melamine paper laminated panels are popular for mimicking the texture of real wood. but a certain amount required to customize the texture. and now customers are demanding custom designs with new colors, patterns, and textures. In fact, the demand for such small-scale customization has always existed. but the demand is not very large. Research shows that on a global scale, by 2020. the digital printing surface decoration market expected to exceed 118 billion square feet. In fact, digital printing is not new. but digital printing for decorative melamine board surfaces is new. Digital printing of decorative paper for printing melamine decorative panels. will be a new solution to customers' small batch customization needs. 

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What digital printing is?

(1) Digital printing refers to a method of digital printing. Which is a Digital file image use the digital printing machines print to various items? It is usually referred to as professional printing processes. which uses large format or high volume laser to print small jobs from top publishing. and other digital sources. Digital ink-jet printing is more expensive per page than traditional offset printing methods. but this price can usually be offset by avoiding the cost of all the technical steps required to make a plate. It also allows on-demand printing, shortens turnaround time. and even modifies the image (variable data) for each impression. The increased printing capacity of digital presses saves labor. Digital printed melamine panels produce thousands of large prints at low prices.


(2) Digital production printing melamine board technology. is the process of transmitting documents on a personal computer. or another digital storage device to a printing substrate by a device that accepts text. and graphics output. As with other digital processing, information reduced to binary code. or "digitized" to help its storage and reproduction. Due to the significant reduction in production costs. Modern printing methods have replaced lithography in many markets. especially at the consumer and commercial 


Digital Printing Products VS Traditional Melamine Engineered Wood Board.

The traditional melamine hardboard called melamine impregnated film paper veneer wood-based panel. Paper with different colors or textures immersed in a melamine resin adhesive. and then dried to a certain degree of solidification. paved on particleboard, moisture-proof board, medium density fiberboard, plywood. or other hardboard. which is hot-pressed. Traditional printing techniques . for the laminated decorative paper (furniture/flooring) must large volumes to save costs.


Digital printing products is a different method of printing. which refer to the printing process of transferring a desired picture to the surface. of a substrate sheet by means of a document of a computer device. or another storage device. The printed decorative paper will be impregnated with melamine. and then laminated to other substrates to produce digital print decor paper HPL sheets. melamine sheets and solid grade boards. Unlike screen printing. digital Inkjet printer restores the superior definition of fancy patterns. and consistent color consistency to meet the individualized decorative needs. This advanced technology not only saves costs from all aspects. but also meets customers who have various requirements for the color. pattern and size of the board. As a result. it has a breakthrough in the previous technical restrictions. and entered a new era of digital printing plates.


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Advantages and Disadvantages Of Digital Printing

Digital decorative melamine panel advantages:

-Customer direct customization of products;

Customers can provide exclusive design. and Yueshan uses the technology of digital printing. according to the design prints on melamine paper and color accuracy is high

- Not repeat the decorative pattern.

In the past, you may have chosen from thousands of texture databases in Yueshan. but the digital printing melamine board allows you to have your own unique. and non-repetitive patterns. showing personality. and the gravure design limited by the circumference of the printing cylinder. resulting in repeated patterns. Digital printed decorative paper has no such restrictions

- Reduce water consumption and waste discharge

From the perspective of environmental protection. digital printing melamine board is more Eco-friendly than traditional rotogravure printing technology. The digital printing process reduces water consumption. and waste discharge to a certain extent.

-high productivity

The digital printing melamine board eliminates the link between the steel plate factory. and the printing factory in the production process. and prints on the melamine paper. which shortens the production cycle and helps customers to provide faster delivery.

- Can meet the needs of small batches design decorative papers in the furniture market

 mdf wood printing machine

In a word. Digital printing technology excels on demand, short-run printing is fast and cost-effective. Digital printing is also an ideal platform for personalization. If you want to modify images and messages using Variable Data Printing (VDP). digital printing is the only way out. As the print quality and speed increase. the previous disadvantages of digital printing are disappearing. and digital printers are shrinking the gap in offset output.


Digital Printing Melamine MDF Sheet:


Digital Printing Melamine MDF Board

Based on Board

MDF, Particle Board,  



Digital Printing Melamine MDF Board, 1220*2440mm(4x8) (4x10)Or As Your Requirement





Melamine Paper

Through our 24-color digital printing, any photo, fantasy pattern design, wood grain and stone provided by the customer can be printed on the base paper.




Below 8%


650-750 Kg/M3

Surface Treatment

Smooth, Matt, Glossy, Embossed, Etc


Loose Packing Or Standard Pallet Packing As Your Request




Usage Adequate For Making Furniture




T/T Or L/C At Sight

Delivery Time

Within 15-20 Days After Receiving Deposit Or Original L/C At Sight

Digital production print technology

Through digital printing. we transfer high-resolution graphics information. from the printer's instant image change to the decorative paper.

(1)Rollers play a vital role in transferring ink onto decorative paper. in gravure printing (screen printing process). which can result in uneven inkjet applicable variant distribution. such as white spots and chromatic aberrations. While the digital system allows for depth. the grooves and openings can be colored non-contact between the printer. and the decoration to provide color consistency. higher resolution, color gamut extended color, providing excellent clarity. and will not disappear superior performance for more than 10 years.

1 PC 2 Data transfer 3 Printing unit 4 Ink transfer 5 Printing substrate

(2)Screen printing requires a lot of pre-printing work. including plate making, installation and a certain amount of paper stock. The digital production printing system allows you to change the decoration anytime, anywhere. eliminating preparation time and expediting lead times.

digital printing on mdf board

Gravure printing (engraving printing). considered to be the most common printing process used in decorative printing. Decorative paper printed on a gravure press using several stages of engraving cylinders. each carrying a part of the design structure and color.

(3)The gravure press has a high speed and skilled staff to ensure that each printing station aligned. Every roll of printing paper needs to match the color and balance of the original design.

(4)Decorations are usually printed in 2 to 5 consecutive steps. with different patterns. After each coloring, the paper must be dried before it can be applied to the next color.


The characteristics of digital printing melamine board:

-Low ink consumption, eco-friendly, high output capacity

-Good light fastness and good quality

-The surface of melamine paper under digital printing has good wear resistance. and impact resistance performance.

-Digital printing work is flexible, can improve efficiency and reduce costs

-Printed melamine paper has good dimensional stability


Popular Digital Printing On MDF Board Application

-Using a digitally printed melamine board to make the surface of the dressing table. wardrobe, shoe cabinet, coffee table, etc. it is very ornamental. The application of digital printing melamine board on the surface of hotel furniture. can also attract customers.


On the desktop or family of some personalized restaurants. the hotel's desktop. making a distinctive pattern, digital printed melamine board surface is also wear-resistant. and scratch-resistant

- wall panel

In high-end hotels or restaurants. wallboards made with digitally printed melamine panels are an eye-catching sight.

- partition wall

In the high humidity environment such as the bathroom and gym locker room. the digital printing compact board is excellent in waterproof and scratch resistance. which is the best choice.


Digital Printing Company Introduction :

Yueshan Digital Printing melamine face board offers unlimited possibilities for furniture sheet decoration. from natural realistic wood and stone patterns. as well as a variety of artistic and complex graphics. even you can send your personalized design. then we put this all real restoration on the melamine furniture board. regarding the digital printing version. we put more emphasis on the end user's experience. trying to satisfy the customer's satisfaction with the small-quantity semi-custom decorative surface. If you want to customize your unique furniture sheet pattern, Yueshan is your best choice

Yueshan Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 and located in Foshan, Guangdong, China. We are a leading manufacturer of wood panels in China. Our company brand - Yueshan covers particle board. MDF, plywood, digital printing MDF and PCB board.

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Digital Printing Melamine MDF Sheet FAQ:

(1) Can white paper print on the decorative paper?

No, because digital inks are translucent, they require a white or light background. Digital printers do not print white ink. It relies on any white artwork in the base paper

(2) Is there a solid color in digital printing?

Unfortunately, we don't use digital printers to make solid colors. Solid colors may appear uneven and speckled due to printing and production processes. Solid color should be paper matching

(3) Is there a wood grain color in digital printing?

Yes, some specific wood grain colors can be customized by digital printing. The wheel setup time can be saved to a large extent.

(4) How to laminate decorative paper?

The decorative paper will be impregnated with melamine and then laminated to various substrates.

(5) How to order samples?

Samples are available free of charge, not less than 10"* 20" (25cm * 25cm)

According to the specific project, the sample lead time is 5-7 days

The sample will be rolled up. and sealed to ensure that it remains moisture-free when delivered

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