Digital Print On Melamine Faced Board

Digital Print On Melamine Faced Board

Digital printing melamine, Yueshan wholesale all kinds of high quality digital printing melamine products. we customize the digital printing allowing you to print any design. Provide free samples and designs
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Digital Print on printed melamine Faced Board


custom print melamine board flat surface also known as inkjet printing, transfers digital images to materials through inkjet. It used in plastics, textiles and other industries. and melamine board wood product decoration paper digital printing in recent years to the development. and popularity. Unlike traditional screen printing decoration. digital print decor paper melamine face board decoration paper can customize to any high-resolution pattern. free from the restrictions of wood grain and solid color. Digital trim is always laminated with other papers. such as craft paper on wood substrates. such as MDF, particleboard, make custom HPL/ compact boards, custom melamine impregnated board. Digital printing itself is no longer an innovation. It has used for a long time in many different industries, such as printing and packaging. But the application of digital printing technology in the Melamine Board flooring. and furniture industries is a real innovation.


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History of melamine base decorative laminates digital print melamine face board


Throughout the history of decorative laminates. the decorative paper has printed on rotogravure presses using several stages of carved cylinders. each bearing part of the design structure and color. This is the same technique used in fine art printing and photography, known for its very high quality.


The surface appearance of European laminated flooring underwent a major qualitative leap. in the first decade of this century. when synchronous hole printing (EIR, or embossed registration) developed. Although the surface of DPL laminate is still smooth. its realistic appearance and tactile sense improve its sensory impression. Wood texture and realistic "V" grooves enhance the feel of real wood. Europe type laminate becomes the great master of the style of a country home. Tile effects are becoming more popular. and more realistic by using synchronous hole printing.


A few years later. indirect intaglio printing (or direct printing) came into use as a way to produce high-quality multicolor printing. For the first time, decorative surfaces can apply to HDF cores using four-color printing - without using decorative paper. The effect is to bring more warmth to the surface of the plate, bringing new authenticity to its look and feel. and reducing electrical surface resistance. At the same time, this innovative printing technology means. that long sheet sizes can produce without repeating patterns. Attractive wood effects with their natural colors. and textures can show their greatest advantage with these large sized planks. As a result. the melamine board series has strengthened and provides more space for interior design.


The rotogravure press was the size of four railway cars and cost millions of dollars. Since cylinder production is expensive to buy and sculpt. new decorative concepts have developed on "lab" or "baby" presses. scaled-down machines that use the same ink and paper. If necessary, the test print can be pressed into a fax of the intended carrier material. Several years ago. DE printer experimented with digital printing to shorten the design development process. but differences between paper and ink limited color accuracy and the ability to create imprinted samples


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The flooring industry is undergoing another technological revolution. the digital revolution is covering every aspect of laminate development. production and distribution and will change them forever. This presents a new challenge for everyone involved in the field. as the implications of digital printing extend far beyond the technical implementation. The potential shift from centralized to decentralized production could lead to new sales. and business models. The skills and expertise of decorative printing companies gained from gravure printing. is still critical to digital printing as their in-depth knowledge will ensure that digital decorative printing documents meet the high-quality standards required for printing images and color rendering.


The modern digital printing press is an efficient production system. whose capability attracts more and more applications and markets. The advantages of this technique are well known. the printing system receives the necessary data from the computer without the need for an immutable plate or drum to detour. Digital data transmission increases the flexibility of the entire laminate production process. This means less cylinder investment, less lead time and minimal storage costs. Digital production of new products reduces the time it takes to bring them to market. Digital printing can change decorative patterns, respond to customer requirements more. and install new decorative concepts. be the mass production or small batch production.


Yueshan thin layer Digital print custom melamine board advantage


-Hundreds of different melamine board surface treatments, including mainstream satin, gloss, matte, etc. Have outstanding colorfastness,



-More than hundreds of designs digital print decor paper are available, you can also send your own design to,we will offer the high-resolution patterns


-Free samples are available for each new customer, and new sample preparations take 3 to 7 days

-Outstanding colorfastness, resistant strong light,anti-shock,irregular internal composition


-Customized small batch wood grain pattern. stone pattern, various art, can meet small batch order requirements, production is fast and flexibleprint board suppliers


-Digital printed high-resolution patterns with wear-resistant decorative paper and low-formaldehyde paperboard. With a service life of more than 50 years and standard maintenance. wear and scratch resistance


custom printed melamine Application of Yueshan digital printing melamine board technology


The melamine market-uptake of digital printing solutions used for. laminate melamine paper flooring, door panels. partition walls. furniture,etc. The melamine board used for the surface treatment of the oil mixing process in the home decoration. the melamine board is generally used for furniture because of the high melamine. The board density is too high and it is easy to crack, so there is no way to make furniture. Generally. high melamine panels used for indoor and outdoor decoration. office and civil furniture, audio, vehicle interior decoration. and can also be used as materials for the anti-static floor. wall panel, security door, wall panel, partition, etc. of the computer room. It is also a good material for packaging. In recent years, it has used as a substrate for making laminate flooring and the like. Higher printing quality than traditional methods. meeting the high-intensity mass production requirements of various industries

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