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Plywood is laminated wood, which is constructed of veneer strips of wood can make furniture, cabinetry and floor etc.
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What is okoume plywood?

okoume plywood wood made from the wood of the Okoume tree.  okoume wood miles referred to as Okoume Mahogany and has a pinkish-brown or faded pink hue.  okoume marine  plywood has a uniform texture. and the  plywood okoume grain is immediately to wavy. that appears interlocked and attractive.

Decorative  marine plywood For  kitchen cabinets

 okoume marine Plywood is decoratiive  marine grade plywood laminated wood. pine plywood constructed of veneer strips of wood can make furniture. sanded plywood cabinetry. and floor etc. We know that pressure treated plywood with bending. warping and cracking resistant are suitable for  okoume wood  furniture diy projects. It’s usable decor furniture for many years.

hardwood plywood sheet sizes

Plywood engineered wood is available in different sizes, buliding metarials designs and finishes. customer has a various of choice. and we also give our customer a professional suggestion installation services for. how to choose suitable products for them. such as 18mm okoume plywood are best suitable glued together for cabinet. It is stable, flexible and a good option to normal furniture wood.

okoume plywood for sale supplier in China- Yueshan

Yueshan thin  oak plywood  veneer. entered into melamine plywood  panel products marketing in the year 2002. Since start. our company is ensuring customer to. get  decorative panel  birch  plywood veneer products coordinating. with their demand  plywood okoume   product details  under one place.

  okoume marine plywood okoume plywood prices

We are creating  okoume marine wood veneer  decorative plywood.  selection of softwood  plywood panels for our customers. so the  hardwood plywood designer of our team. and other   forest products  artisans involved in. developing particle board high quality  panel products in a variety of sizes. and material like fire retardant plywood. fireproof plywood,waterproof plywood, melamine plywood, outdoor living WBP hardwood plywood. packing  fancy  plywood decorative ,  white oak furniture  grade plywood. commercial plywood to offering freedom of choice for customer. Besides. we have been through ISO9001:2008 certified . and ISO14001:2004 certified in recently years. It means that we offer the  moisture content.  film faced plywood  home decor quality product. has the guarantee to our customer.

okoume plywood

hardwood plywood

pine plywood

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