Fire Retardant Plywood

Yueshan wood has been tested for fire performance by several independent laboratories and meets model code requirements for a Class A/Class 1 fire retardant plywood.
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fire rated plywood

      fire retardant plywood is a form of plywood  treated wood . with unique flame-retardant in the manufacturing  resistant plywood . so that  treated lumber has higher fire resistance. It is also referred to as  yellow pine  FR grade plywood.  fire  retardant treated plywood After several independent laboratory exams. it conforms to the kind. and specification necessities of class a / 1 flame retardant. This plywood  flame spread  has graded and inspected by means of 0.33 parties to make certain fine

        fire rated plywood pressure impregnated  fireretardant treated is usually utilized in public locations. in which the threat of hearth have to reduced, along with making woodwork. within the kitchen of a large eating room. or indoor woodwork inside the public theatre and lobby. and wooden utilized in our teach carriages. It can also utilized in homes and offices, vehicle interiors. and anywhere else that wishes to reduce fireplace danger and spread.

      The excellent widespread for FR grade fireproof plywood produced in India. said in the document as :5509. The burning velocity of plywood must be greater than 20 minutes. and the time of flame penetrating plywood should be extra than 30 minutes.

     Chemical substances which includes diammonium hydrogen phosphate used to make fireproof plywood. Adding fire protection chemical compounds to present plywood better fire protection, for instance,

1. Small spark and ignition tendency  permanent protection .

2. Slow burning  exterior fire  than  untreated wood. with a tendency to lower, the fireplace unfold to the plywood floor.

3. interior fireretardant  plywood roof  Low flammability, much less smoke.

4.  wood requires Better flame penetration time.

      The usage of FR grade plywood  building materials.  for household fixtures is quite restrained. but price is not a major issue for discerning clients who need to lessen the threat of fire of their houses. and FR grade plywood may be a good desire. All the different homes of FR grade plywood are greater or much less much. like normal plywood used to make family fixtures. besides that FR grade plywood has extra flame retardant properties.

Flame-retardant plywood is the identical size. and fire retardant plywood thickness as commercial MR grade. and outdoor BWR grade plywood. fire retardant plywood thickness is among  treated frt  4 mm. and 18 mm, whilst fashionable sizes. which includes eight' x four' are commonly used.

Fire Resisitant Plywood Specification 

       Yueshan Fire-resistance wood has tested. for fire performance by several independent laboratories. and meets model code requirements for a Class A/Class 1 fire retardant plywood. These fire retardant plywood sheets have been through official certification. and third-party inspected to ensure quality.

1.Class A/Class 1 fire retardant (ASTM E-84)

2. This  exterior fire  plywood boards slows the spread of flames and reduces smoke

3.  fire resistant Wood species is Fire

4.UL listed

5.Rated  plywood roof  sheathing  treated wood 

6. resistant plywood For use in general construction

7. building code  enclosed structural MIL-L-19140E QPL listed

Actual Thickness: 0.438 inch

Nominal Thickness: 1/2 inch

Actual Width: 47-7/8 (+/- 1/32) inch

Nominal Width: 4 foot

Actual Length: 95-7/8 (+/- 1/16") inch

Nominal Length: 8 foot

Grade: Rated Sheathing

Application: Residential & Commercial

Wood Species: Douglas Fir

Special Features: Fire Retardant

Number of Ply: 4

Listing Agency Standards: PS1

Recommended Environment: Interior



fire proof plywood advantages

      fire  resistant plywood  is the primary indoors flame-retardant handled plywood roof span score. and wood electricity change  based on excessive temperature trying out. Plywood  tested for energy. after exposure to one hundred seventy°F. and wood tested for energy. after exposure to one hundred fifty°F by   ASTM 5516 and ASTM 5664. Thus, all advocated structural programs, such as plywood roof sheathing and roof trusses. can  used with self belief.

      fire proof treated wood.  miles stress impregnated deep into the wood to provide permanent protection. in contrast to paint. which best presents floor safety.

      Whilst treated wood  exposed to fireplace. it produces non-flammable gases and water vapor. and bureaucracy a shielding layer of coke that retarding combustion. and insulates the wood from further harm.

      Indoor flame-retardant dealt with wood. has decrease gasoline contribution charge and warmth release rate. and can maintain structural integrity longer than different constructing substances along with metal. As a end result, hearth harm. and preservation costs  minimized, resulting in lower coverage fees.

     Fire retardant treated wood has  handed strict combustion toxicity take a look at. Dealt with timber isn't any more toxic to smoke than untreated timber.

      fireretardant treated plywood is an indoor "kind A" flame retardant dealt with timber. and plywood with unique floor combustion traits. suitable for UL licensed varieties and products.

 fire resistant plywood suppliers - yueshan

       yeushan   fire resistant plywood suppliers  offerc cheap fire retardant plywood price. You can buy fire retardant treated plywood on Yueshan. Yueshan as a  fire treated  plywood supplier established in the year 1999. For many years. Yueshan has offered in the production of a diverse  building materials . and personalized selection of products in home depot plywood for the customer. Whether for Domestic,Industrial & Construction sectors. our  retardant wood  products are a perfect fit for your various requirements. We have supply fire  resistant plywood 

       Fire retardant plywood is plywood that has treated with preservatives. that allow the  retardant lumber to burn more than untreated wood if it ever caught on fire. If you have been searching for  fsc certified fire retardant plywood manufacturers. contact us today! you will get only the best quality fire retardant plywood. And because we understand the time sensitive nature of the industry. we provide quick turnaround lead times. because we always have what you need in stock.

fire treated plywood home depot vs Yueshan

      Yueshan pride ourselves on our extensive plywood product. high quality fire rated plywood price . and commitment to our customers. compare to fire treated plywood home depot. We use state of the art technology to give you developed varies of product. which are A class fire retardant plywood, waterproof plywood.  best quality fireproof plywood, melamine plywood, particle board, MDF, UV board.  These  wood products can used for flooring, furniture, wall paneling, kitchen, etc.

fire rated plywood home depot FAQ

Does plywood have a fire rating? 

     plywood fire rating 30 or 60 minutes. related to the concept of fire prevention. and associated with elevation. or the door's potential to face up to a developed fireplace inside that time.

     Euroclass associated with the concept of fireplace response. focusing at the preliminary growth section of a hearth. A ecu-grade panel may additionally shape part of a hearth barrier gadget. that calls for 30 or 60 mins of universal fireplace performance. We endorse that the applicability of ec grade panels in layout should be . based on 0.33-party assessment or unbiased trying out of applicable initiatives.

     In step with the building merchandise code (2013), there are seven eu grades ranging from A1 to f. Every ecu rating tested under the relevant ecu hearth take a look at strategies

fire treated plywood home depot customer review

Jan 24, 2019

Sergio Senaka

The FRT plywood is good quality and the delivery is quick. It gave us a brilliant service, and I have already recommended them to my friends.

Feb, 02,2019


Very trustworthy and good workers.

Mar, 06,2019

Robert Kovac

I would definitely recommend. The FRT plywood board is highly cost-effective and

in perfect condition.


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