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Yueshan was established in the year 1999. For many years, Yueshan has been offer in the production of diverse and personalized selection of products in plywood for customer.
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       Plywood is an engineered wood product made up of sheets of wood veneer. The wood veneer boards pressed and bonded together to create one solid piece. This manufacturing process called cross-graining and it reduces shrinkage and expansion. while improving panel strength consistency. Different grades of plywood used for different purposes.

    Plywood grades affected by many variables. including the type of wood ply, thickness, adhesive. and manufacturing/compaction process. Lower grades are perfect for subflooring in buildings and homes. High grades can used for cabinets and shelving. There are many types of plywood to choose from. Make sure to choose the correct plywood type for the furniture or fixture you are building.

commercial plywood information 

Decorative Commercial Plywood


Okoume, poplar, bintangor, pine, birch


Eucalyptus and combi


BB/BB, BB/CC,  or requested by clients




1220*2440mm (as your request)








Moisture resistant


Thickness tolerance

Less than 6mm

+/-0.2mm to 0.3mm



+/-0.4mm to 0.5mm


Inter packing:0.2mm plastic;
Outer packing: bottom is pallets, covered with plastic film, around is carton or plywood, strength by steel or iron 3*6









Usage adequate for making furniture or construction, package or industry,

Minimum Order



TT or L/C at sight

Delivery Time

Within 20 days receiving the deposit or original L/C at sight

1.  wear-resistant, anti-cracking, anti-acid and alkaline-resistant
2. can be cut int small size for reusing.

We can produce melamine plywood/decorative commercial plywood/ melamine MDF/ melamine Particleboard, UV board,etc.

Plywood :
1)size: 1220*2440 (as your request)
2)thickness: 2.7mm-25mm
3)core: Eucalyptus and combi
4)glue: E0,E1,E2, WBP,MR
5)face/back: okoume, bintangor, poplar, birch, pine, pencil cedar
6)veneer grade: BB/CC, BB/BB
7)moisture content: 8%-14%
8)packing: export standard packing, packed in pallets
9)inner packing: 0.20mm plastic bag
10)outer packing: pallets are covered with plywood or carton and then steel tapes for strength.
11)Usage(application): furniture, decoration,etc.
12)Excellent physical performance.  

MDF VS Plywood

Strength and Durability

MDF is not as hard as plywood and can damaged when roughly handled. It is not as stiff as plywood and can sag with if too much weight applied to it. For example, when MDF used for shelving. it is important to reinforce the shelves to prevent sagging.

The cross graining of plywood improves dimensional stability by reducing expansion and shrinkage. This makes a panels' strength consistent in both directions. The odd number of sheets also reduces warping. Another advantage of plywood is that extreme cold does not affect. its dimensions or strength.


When driving a screw at the edge of MDF, the soft core splits . When a countersink drill bit is not used, the head of the screw might snap off before sinking in or it might push up chips. In contrast, the cross graining of plywood reduces its tendency to split when nailed at its edges.

Due to MDF's non-directional grain structure, it is ideal for cutting, machining. and drilling without producing splinters or chipping. The absence of knots makes it easier for finishing.

MDF's smooth surface makes it ideal for simple interior. design pieces that will painted. while plywood adds some durability to those pieces that need to be stronger. Both can be easy for experienced DIYers to use and found in many cheap. and affordable furniture products. For example. both MDF and plywood, as well as oriented strand board (OSB), are often in many IKEA furniture pieces.

The following video gives tips on how to and work with wood panels and which types of saws to use to cut them. Any DIY jobs that need cutting MDF. or plywood should take place outside with proper protective equipment.

ply board price vs MDF 

MDF is usually cheaper than plywood, but a lot depends upon the grade of plywood and types of wood used. Higher grades of plywood are more expensive because they are more pleasing. often displaying natural hardwood or softwood grains; lower grades used in construction work . where they will not seen (e.g., for subflooring). Both wood products are also priced according to thickness.

A 1/4" Bendy MDF sheet (24" x 48") is about $22 on Amazon, while a Grade B-BB plywood sheet (1/4" thick, 24" x 30") is $10 on Amazon.

Uses in Construction

Plywood used in house construction.

MDF used for doors and internal paneling in construction. where moisture is less likely to damage it, but was only developed for furniture. As such, it used for indoor applications.

Plywood used for doors, exterior stairs, external cladding. flooring, framing, interior rails and balustrades, interior stairs. internal paneling, shear walls, timber joinery products, and timber portal frames in construction. Plywood bends with the grain, so it is often used to create curved surfaces. For example, the top smooth surface is sometimes used to make curved skateboard ramps.


ply board


commercial plywood Wholesale Trader -Yueshan

       Yueshan as the main plywood supplier established in the year 1999. For many years. Yueshan has offered. in the production of a diverse and personalized selection of products. many types of hardwood plywood for the customer. For example, melamine plywood panels, green flexible plywood, commercial MR grade plywood. decorative commercial ply board, particle board, MDF board. BWR grade' plywood、 UV board, etc.

        Our Alternate Commercial Engineered wood Plywood. with short-cycle lamination process has reached the nationwide. and achieved international standard. In the meantime, with this excellent service, best value. and quick delivery, our hardwood plywood has gained its high popularity. and reputation in Asian, North America, Middle East, Australia, and Southeast Asia. We promise that we offer you the best service and a high-quality product.

Commercial Ply Board FAQ:

What are the different types of melamine plywood?

     (1)Plywood, also known as plywood. is a kind of log softened by cooking and cutting into large slices along the growth rings. after drying, finishing, gluing, performing, hot pressing and edge sawing. The number of layers of wood chips must be odd. and the gluing time must make the fibers of adjacent wood chips perpendicular to each other. There are four grades of splints: primary grade, first grade, second grade, and third grade. The specification of plywood is 2440mm long, 1220mm wide. different specifications of plywood thickness is different. but generally is a many of 3.

  (2)There are three kinds of plywood, five kinds of plywood, nine kinds of plywood, twelve kinds of plywood. fifteen kinds of plywood and eighteen kinds of plywood. From the material: willow according to the natural solid wood. poplar, ice candy, Baiyun incense. mountain osmanthus. from the plywood composite number can divided into three thick core board. multi-layer core board.

How much does a 4x8 sheet of plywood cost or weight?

    (1)Plywood board serves as a contemporary. household to decorate medium advocate one of material. the plywood that we often say, stick glue combination. through a variety of materials together. density is taller, green health environmental protection, produce crack deformation not . Is the price of Plywood expensive? It is in RMB 80-200square control , Most of the consumer can accept.

    (2)Regard to a 4x8 sheet of plywood weight. according to different density, divided into the high-density board. medium density board, low-density board three. Common specifications: 1200x2400, 1500x2400. The thickness is generally 2-25mm, the higher the density. the stronger the bearing capacity. the density of the high-density plate is more than 800 kg per cubic meter.

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