18mm Wbp Hardwood Plywood

This ply is more stable and generally will swell, twist or warp significantly less than a softwood core plywood.
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      Yueshan  has more than 20 years experience manufacturing hardwood plywood and panels. Yueshan  sets the industry standard. and delivers products that exceed national standards and often customer expectations. Yueshan   takes pride in producing higher-grade hardwood plywood and panels. and consistently delivers customized products with precision thickness and quality.

      We offer a full range of hardwood veneer species in a variety of grades and core options. including exotic veneers in any order quantity.

      Our hardwood plywood is environmentally certified. and meets the strictest emission requirements in North America.

      we are able to offer our customers a hardwood throughout plywood. Being hardwood throughout (unlike some other plywoods available on the market). provides our plywood with a consistent strength, stability and greater resistance to decay. So making our plywood suitable for the many and varied applications for. which it used throughout not only the construction industry but many other areas as well.

       Buy 18mm Hardwood faced plywood, Shuttering Plywood, WBP Plywood. and Marine Plywood, C16 Timber, Milled Timber, Roofing Timber,. Joisting Timber, Rough Whitedeal and Structural Grade Timber at yueshan. Buy Quality, Low cost building materials. yueshan supplies all building materials to trade and the public at wholesale. and trade  18mm wbp plywood price.

wbp plywood 18mm

      WBP plywood is a sheet material. manufactured by gluing together several thin layers of softwood. or hardwood veneers. Because the WBP plywood layers bonded with the grains running. against each other the WBP plywood is resistant to expanding or shrinking. it is less likely to split when nailed at the edges, and the sheet strength is consistent in all directions. 

       WBP plywood is an exterior grade so long as it treated with a preservative. WBP (weather and boil-proof) means that the glue line will not break down. when subjected to adverse weather conditions. and can also withstand immersion in boiling water.

      This WBP plywood has a hardwood face with a poplar core. and graded as B/BB meaning. that is has a one piece face veneer uniform in colour with occasional filler on the reverse. It also conforms to the following standards EN636-2, EN314-2.

      Water Boil Proof plywood (WBP) is one of the best weather resistant plywood sheets on the market. they designed and manufactured with layers of thin sheets. of wood veneer stuck together. the product is high in quality and finish and are a great value for money. they have a reduced splitting when putting screws or nails into the product. and have a low expansion to shrinkage giving them a stable use in all dimensions. 

      18mm Plywood has properties which found most useful throughout the trade industry. This Hardwood Plywood sheet is an ideal purchase for both Interior and Exterior use.

18mm hardwood plywood information

       WBP / Hardwood ply comes in sheets of 8 x 4 or 2400mm x 1200mm. this ply wood is a very resiliant plywood with a very good finish. WBP means water and boil proof. This plywood will sustain a certain amount of external weather beating but is not able to. with stand constand abuse from the harsh weather in Ireland. This plywood would need to covered up when it arrives on site and after its application. Prolonged exposure to moisture will cause the glue to break down. and will in turn cause the sheets of the plywood to delaninate.

18mm WBP hardwood plywood must cut for carrier delivery;

(This is 4x4 - 4x32" - 4x2 or 2x2 sizes for packing - less saw-cuts);

18mm WBP Plywood full sheets 2440X1220mm can ordered online. (Please email us of delivery cost  Email:yueshanpanel@hotmail.com) 

- 2440x1220x18mm (it is regular size)

- Chinese hardwood long-grain veneered ply - B/BB Grade, or similar;

      This ply is more stable and generally will swell. twist or warp significantly less than a softwood core plywood.

      In general, colour is the typical reddish-pink. or Red Mahogany Hard wood, although it may differ to a cream or brownish;

      You will find has three layer plywood - one thicker central ply & and two slimmer outer plywood.

      Before you buy. you should choose themselves of the suitability of a specific plywood for application. 18mm Plywood origin, specific¬cations and grading may differ from batch to batch

      The product manufacturer or our supplier suggest. it is not suitable for long term outdoor use.

Plywood grade

Adhesives used in the plywood manufacture are Phenol (WBP type) for the core veneers. and Melamine Formaldehyde (Type 1 Exterior) for the face veneers.

Plywood face grading stated as B/BB

- a B plywood face described as a neatly cut veneer, substan­ti­ally defect free and sanded smooth;

- a BB plywood face allows minor defects, so long as they filled and sanded.

These plywood face-grade descriptions summarised. from BS6566 - (which although not a current standard. has adopted as a description by several Plywood Mills.)

Long-grain hardwood veneered plywood - many boards have a decorative veneer. but would have to selected if required for this use;

 wbp board application

      Hardwood plywood is not only used extensively. throughout the construction industry. but also in industries such as vehicle building and packaging. When protected it may used externally and will remain flat and stable throughout. The knot free B face can be clear finished (using varnish/polyurethane) to highlight. and enhance the attractive woodgrain surface.

      WBP Plywood suitable to used in bath panelling, sheds, storage boxes, roofing. interior vehicle building, floors, walls. and roofs in house constructions etc.

       WBP Plywood can also used externally as long as the edges and the face of the board preserved with a treatment. WBP Plywood can be easily cut to size using a handsaw or electric saw. It is also suitable for joinery and milling processes. Although WBP Plywood has great surface finish. it can varnished or painted if required.

       Furniture, Shopfitting, Exhibition Stands and general construction work. This board has an external glueline WBP (Water & Boil-Proof). WBP bonded plywood generally has a high resistance to humid. and wet envi­ron­ments. although the forces of expansion in a saturated timber veneer. may cause the veneer to actually split. while the glueline itself is sound - This does not state that the Plywood has manufactured. timber is a natural material subject to swelling when it absorbs moisture. 

        Be aware that Poplar does not posses a high resistance to fungal decay in humid conditions. For long service in these conditions, design consi­dera­tions. and the appropriate weather-proof finish of the plywood are of the highest importance. The timber (especially end-grain) would need to coated. and maintained to a BS-CP external specifi­cation for any external use. These plywood boards have not been CE grade tested for structural uses. such as floor decking, roof decking or wall sheathing. (although they are of comparable quality to ones that are CE marked.) We would be able to supply a CE marked plywood, but this would be at a higher price.


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